ODE 0.1 Release Highlights

The goal behind ODE 0.1 release is to make the ELSA installation reliable and consistent with the primary focus on “the out of the box experience”. As part of ODE 0.1, Opallios provides support for both debian and rpm packages. ODE 0.1 uses the latest ELSA codebase from github. Distributing ODE via standard packages will allow us to have a better control over the flow of installation and support the basic install, remove and update software features. Following OSs have been tested and verified with the ODE 0.1 packages,

  • Debian package - Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 14.04
  • RPM package - Red Hat 6.6, Centos 6.5
  • AWS Images - Opallios also provides AWS images for the above mentioned linux distributions for easier installs and quick ODE evaluation.
  • Centralized Documentation - The entire documentation for ODE is can be accessed from a centralized location on our website.

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    ODE 0.3 Release Highlights

    Opallios is pleased to announce the general availability of ODE 0.3, Opallios Distribution of ELSA. The first version, ODE 0.1, was released two months back on July 14, 2015. Since then our development team has been hard at work to make further improvements to ELSA as we listed out in our first blog. The focus of ODE 0.3 is to add some new functionalities that our customers have asked for in past and improve on the charting experience of ELSA. Besides some bug fixes, the changes in 0.3 can be divided in three main areas,

  • Improved Charting and Dashboard User Experience
  • New Aggregate Functions
  • Integration with Fluentd

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